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Bankruptcy Trustee Services

bankruptcy trustee services Even if bankruptcy is not your choice in dealing with your debts, you should be aware of how a bankruptcy would work for you and be advised of all of your options. The Trustee will review this option during your free consultation.

Consumer Proposals

consumer proposals A consumer proposal is an offer of settlement to your unsecured creditors at less than face value of the debt owed. A proposal offers a percentage of the amount owing to the creditors but something more than they would receive if you were to file for bankruptcy.


personal financial counselling servicesAs an integral part of the insolvency process in Canada, individuals who file a bankruptcy or a consumer proposal are required to attend two mandatory personal finance counselling sessions. These sessions are done one-on-one with the individual.

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You don’t need to tackle debt alone, and the process doesn’t need to be daunting. Our team of professionals work with you to bring expertise, industry knowledge, and compassionate conversations to the table. We will help you navigate your options and explain the bankruptcy and proposal alternatives and processes.

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